Ali Bramall

Race Director

Ali BramallI moved to the Lake District about 40 years ago to satisfy my passion for running and being in the mountains.

I used to love racing over long distances and rough ground, preferably with a navigational element as part of the challenge. I’ve taken part in many KIMM’s and LAMM’s and with Carol McNeill as my partner; we’d often win our class. What I’m most proud of is being the first woman to complete a winter BG, just 4.5 months after a summer round.

My favourite race is the Lake District Mountain Trial, which I’ve completed 28 times. For four years I was the Organiser for the Mountain Trial and it was during this period that I realised how much I loved the challenge of bringing together all the elements that go to make up a great event.

So, here I am, with a really big and wonderful event - Diana’s Everest Marathon and with a few tweaks and a change of name, we’re making it even better. I’m so looking forward to being able to create a very memorable event for everyone, working through the great team I’ve brought together for 2019.

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