1. I understand the hazards of travel in Nepal, both by transport on poorly surfaced roads and by small aircraft / helicopters in mountainous regions.
  1. I understand the hazards of travel by foot in the foothills of the Himalayas with regard to general health, changeable weather conditions and conditions on the trails.
  1. I understand that:
    • the OEM will begin at an altitude of 5184m at Gorak Shep and descend to 3446m at Namche Bazaar
    • as a result of reaching the start of the marathon or running at this altitude, I may suffer from altitude sickness
    • temperatures may vary from -20 to +30ÂșC during the trek and race
    • there are steep ascents and descents on the marathon course
    • the course may be over ice, hard-packed snow, rock, grass, gravel and sand
    • falling off the trail could cause severe injury
    • medical assistance may not be immediate
  1. I understand that the team of doctors will do their best to provide health and emergency care during the trek and race. I agree to abide by the decisions of the doctors and race organiser regarding my fitness to participate in the race, or withdrawal from the race at any stage because of health and safety reasons.
  1. I agree to abide by the decisions of the race organiser regarding:
    • changes to the race course
    • my withdrawal from the race should I fail to reach specified points by specified times
    • disqualification because of dangerous conduct, failure to carry out required procedures or cheating
    • the possible cancellation of the race because of foul weather, landslide or earthquake
  1. I have arranged suitable travel insurance which will cover me for:
    • trekking and racing at high altitude (5500m)
    • helicopter rescue
    • medical treatment
    • hospitalisation
    • repatriation.
  1. I grant full permission to the organisers and sponsors to use my name, photographs, video, and any other record of my participation in this race for any publicity and promotional purposes without obligation or liability to me.   (The organisers of the race warrant that no material of a controversial nature will be used which might damage my reputation.)
  1. I agree to place the welfare of my fellow runners before my own personal achievements in this marathon, should there be an accident or a member of the group becomes ill and needs assistance.
  1. I understand the hazards of participating in this event and assume all risks of injury to my person which may occur during the trek or while running the race.   For myself, heirs, executors, administrators, assignees and personal representatives, I forever waive and release all rights and claims for damages, judgements and costs which I may have against the team of doctors, the organiser, Original Everest Marathon Ltd, Adventure Zambuling Treks (P) ltd, all sponsors, agents and assignees of the afore-named.


 Having read this, you are deemed to have agreed to the waiver when you press "Submit" on the personal information form.

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